[Ardour-Users] BCF2000 and Mackie: quick poll

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Wed Aug 1 00:40:19 PDT 2007

I think it would be a good idea in order to safe a buttom, but ¿what whould be
the function for this new button?

May be out of this topic but also related with Mackie Control and BCF2000. In
my work with these Idon't find useful the configuration of 7 firsts tracks to
control 7 audio tracks and the last one for the master. would be possible
change this behavior? What I want is the 8 tracks to control 8 audio tracks,
and none for the master since I am mixing on a mixing desk.


Diego Nieto.

> John Anderson wrote:
>> Question for users (and potential users) of the mackie code.
>> Currently the Mackie code has a pair of buttons for ffwd/rewind, and
>> another pair for next/prev marker. I'm thinking of changing this to a
>> modal approach where one button controls marker on/off, and one pair of
>> buttons does ffwd/rew (when marker mode is off) and next/prev marker
>> (when marker mode is on). This would also make the jog wheel scrolling
>> modal.
>> What do y'all think?
> Good idea, at least on the BCF2000 where you do not have enough button
> pairs. Probably there are categories of users, those who use prev/next
> marker, and others who use rew/ffwd (me belonging to the second
> category, except while mastering - jumping to CD track labels).
> Switching modes though should be easily reachable (your proposal of
> *one* button is fine, but shift+button might be not).
> - Giso
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