[ardour-users] Can't solo bus (ardour 2)

Raphaël Doursenaud rdoursenaud at free.fr
Mon Apr 30 12:48:35 PDT 2007

It seems i can't solo busses on ardour 2; Is there something I should
know or is it a bug?

I also have another fancy behavior, when click the solo button with 
middle mouse button on a track with a send (to a bus); the send
duplicates itself with a log window showing :

[ERROR]: AudioEngine: connection already exists: ardour:send 1/out 1
(ardour:send 1/out 1) to Bus 1/in 1 (ardour:Bus 1/in 1)
[WARNING]: send ID 0 appears to be in use already

I might be doing something wrong ... hope you can help me.

Raphaël Doursenaud

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