[ardour-users] sync timing

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Tue Sep 19 03:08:10 PDT 2006


I'm trying to overdub some earlier material recorded in Ardour 0.99.3
by a drum track created by Hydrogen.  Ardour's sync setting was
"internal" during the past recording sessions, now I had to change
that to "Jack" to get Ardour and Hydrogen synced.  I created a new bus
in the Ardour session, and connected the Hydrogen outputs to its
inputs.  All seems well, except that the drum beats from Hydrogen
sound a little bit early -- inserting a delay plugin into the drum bus
set equal to the latency announced by Ardour make things sound
actually right.  One more thing: the recording was driven by Ardour's
click facility.

So, where is the truth now?  Is my recording late with respect to the
bar lines etc. provided by ardour, and should I nudge the whole thing
backwards?  Or is the previous recording right on beat?  Do I have to
manually adjust the Hydrogen delay to the period size (latency) of the
current Jack setup?  This doesn't sound feasible or convenient at
least, as I change the period size often.

I'd be very grateful for some clarification!

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