[ardour-users] playback rate...

Joshua Parmenter joshp at u.washington.edu
Tue Sep 5 20:54:54 PDT 2006

Thanks Paul,


Paul Davis wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 19:04 -0700, Joshua Parmenter wrote:
>> Hi all...
>> Is it possible to modify the playback rate of a region (play it back at 
>> half-speed for instance?). If it is, is it possible to dynamically 
>> change the playback rate? I realized there would be big problems with 
>> the later (as far as drawing the sound data in a track)... but is the 
>> first even possible from within Ardour?
> ardour 0.99 supports per-track varispeed which also changes the way the
> track is drawn. per-region varispeed is not possible, but TimeFX can be
> used to stretch regions (somewhat inaccurately).
> ardour 2.0 has removed per-track varispeed.
> --p

Joshua Parmenter
University of Washington
Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media
School of Music
Seattle, Washington 98195


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