[ardour-users] Apogee Symphony support and other questions

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Mon Oct 23 07:12:14 PDT 2006

I have just been to the Ardour website to see whether the above mentioned PCIe device is supported under OS X? Would I be correct in thinking that as the Univesal Binary driver for this device is targeted at 'Core Audio' level that it should show up in Ardour with no issues?

Is there a limit to the number of processors that Ardour can support in a MacPro machine, in light of the new, soon to be released, Quad Quad Core Intel processors?

Also, as Ardour is now affiliated with SSL will we be seeing any products like Waves SSL 400/ Duende anytime soon for this platform.

And finally, apart from being an Open Source application what are the major benefits of Ardour i comparison to Sequoia, Nuendo or Protools in terms of quality of plugins and overall functionality?
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