[ardour-users] weird error OSX 0.99

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Wed Nov 29 00:10:55 PST 2006

Quoting Matthew Polashek <matt at tinysongs.com>:

> Hi!
> I have been using Ardour with my students in a Brooklyn high school.   
> One of the sessions appers to feed back on all channels when it  
> reaches the end of playback.  Any ideas?

You should first try to pinpoint which channel is the culprit. I'm assuming
this is not acoustic feedback.

Mute all monitors so that you won't get hit by feedback. Duplicate the issue
(i.e. play the session through until you get feedback) and look at the
mixer. That should show you which channel(s) are giving you feedback.

Then look at how that channel is connected what plugins are used and does it
have inserts or sends. Then look at whether there is any automation which
would change the parameters of the channel.

You might have something like stray delay feedback amount automation
accidentally on the track which might cause the issue.

Also. Take a close look at what is happening on that channel. Look at what
is on the track if it's a track. If it's a bus, then what is on the track(s)
feeding it.

Good luck, 

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