[ardour-users] Plugins not friendly

. intent at netpratique.fr
Fri Nov 24 13:39:02 PST 2006


I propose that we share a list of plugins that are not friendly with ardour. 
Here are some that i have found guilty:

-CAPS: 10 band EQ: work fine the first time but project is silent when u 
reopen it. (author aware of the issue)

-Multivoice chorus (Steve Harris): seems to have pbm with latency 
compensation, crashs and makes with a loud noise when u change the nbr of 
voices. (this has happened on gentoo 2006.1 gcc 4.1)

-TAPS EQ with BW (and the simple one): is ok with gcc < 4.0 but stay silent 
otherwise (tom is now informed but can't fix it right now and will accept 



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