[ardour-users] 32 v 64 bit

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 19:15:07 PST 2006

> Fairly certain it does actually, may be able to answer that more
> certainly in a bit, my machine is rebuilding itself at the moment, 64
> Bit for the time being, I was going to try just compiling all my audio
> software and wine with -m32 first.  My only real problem comes with the
> ALSA drivers, and specifically the ALSA-Jack driver I am not sure how
> those will work, or even if it is a good idea to mix -m32 and -m64 on
> the same machine like that.  At the time I decided to try this I had
> just wiped it though to go back to 32 Bit from 64, so I didn't have much
> but an evening to lose, if that doesn't work though I may do the CHRoot
> thing instead I have decided.

Well I think I can stick a fork in this one, at least for the time 
being.  It may be possible, and indeed probably is, however it would 
take much more work than I have time to put forth at the moment.  For 
the record in case anyone wants to follow up on this...

I patched the ebuild by hand to point to the lib32 directory instead of 
using the call for get_libdirectory or whatever it is in the ebuild.  I 
then also set up portage so I could pass custom CFLAGS on a per package 
basis, and finally installed the appropriate emul-libs for x86. 
Unfortunately the end result is when I started to get into the linker 
causing problems(Linking to the 64 bit lib instead of the 32 bit emul 
lib) I gave up, as I said, it is very likely possible to correct this, I 
just don't have time right now to go digging, I need to get my machine 
up and running as I have a few projects and possibly a rather intensive 
job coming up very quickly.

So for the meantime I am reverting all of the above back to a standard 
64 bit and going to just set up a chroot for now to emerge my audio 
stuff in, its unfortunate but I think what I need to do.  I just have to 
figure out what I am doing about audio communication between them, I am 
wondering about using the alsa-jack and netjack plugins to shift audio 
TO the chroot and run the jack daemon on my soundcard there, at least 
until hopefully someone picks up and finishes the work on getting 32-Bit 
and 64-Bit clients running on the same server::Hint Hint::  ;)

Anyways my thinking is, if all my audio software is in the chroot, then 
most of what I would need going into it might be 2 channel, I might see 
if I can dig up a cheap card to possibly pass AC3 or something for 
movies if I ever start watching them again, suppose I will have to see. 
  At any rate, at the very least it will let me confirm the VST in 
chroot issue.

Is there any problem with running 2 seperate jackd daemons on the same 
machine if one is in a chroot and one not?  Might be the only thing that 
causes me to much problems at any rate.


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