[ardour-users] 32 v 64 bit

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 11:23:43 PST 2006

>   I've previously run Jack inside my chroot with the onboard sound
> chip and at the same time run Jack in my 64-bit environment with my
> HDSP 9652. I take the sound chip output and wire it to an input on the
> HDSP. I can hear both audio environments fine. Note that it's a two
> sound card system then so either the cards must be sync'ed to use a
> digitial hook-up or use an analog interface as I do. 

Yep, but that is exactly what I am trying to avoid... well that and my 
other sound card which connected to the VM-3100 mixer I was using to 
manage my monitoring of my computer from my RME via SPDIF over optical, 
my keyboard, my laptopl, and a few other things on occasion, well the 
mixer just blew up and now I get to spend to much money replacing it;) 
Well for the time being it is all getting routed through my RME and I 
will just have my workstation on, but besides that...

Since I do work in multichannel projects, a stereo feed won't work to 
well for me, and purchasing another card just to get a nice digital ADAT 
feed to my RME, or vice versa, is not something I am anxious to do at 
the moment.  I had been considereding doing a netjack out of the chroot, 
but unfortunatly I believe that too is stereo.  Once that goes 
multichannel though that might be a VERY viable solution if Jack could 
use it as a backend, allowing me to netjack out 8 channels from the 
chroot, to the 64 Bit that would then allow me to run other software 
that doesn't need VSTs in the 64 Bit.

I was able to run Jack from within the 32Bit chroot fine.  I have also 
done wine from within it fine.  I just can't remember having tested the 
VST yet, but since i have Kontakt at my house waiting to be installed 
that will be next up I am sure, hopefully without the chroot though we 
will see, I have the modified bashrc to allow my to use custom CFLAGS on 
my box set up and Ardour, Wine, Jack, Aqualung, etc all set up to do 
-m32 to give me the 32 bit code at the moment and they should be 
emerging while I am at work(Since I saved my old world file, I wrote a 
script to go through and emerge my entire system, 417 files... and this 
was after I reemerged everything in the stage3;)

At any rate, I will post up once I know if it works or not.  What has me 
curious for people like Paul, is that Sonar's 64 bit version claims 
compaibility with 32 bit VSTs I believe, so I am wondering if it might 
be possible to do something similar, on a code level, though I would 
imagine it would take a LOT of work, possibly remmaping things by hand 
in the code, so I can certainly understand it wouldn't be a priority to 
say the least.


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