[ardour-users] Some OSX bugs.

Matthew Hiscock audio at bootlegsounds.com
Tue Nov 14 11:00:44 PST 2006

Hi all,

I wasn't sure if this stuff should be going to this list, to the  
forum, or to the Issue Tracker. If I'm wrong, please let me know and  
I'll post it there.

Just based on a couple of hours with beta 8....

1) In the mixer page, you have to hold the button down when you  
Command-click. This is wierd - it should let you take your finger off  
the button.

2) In the Editor page, all the dropdown menus directly above the  
timecode line default to not having anything showing, so you have to  
click on them to get them to show Normal/Magnetic, None/Frames/Beats/ 
etc., and Left/Right/Centre/etc. Looks kinda strange.

3) When importing audio I clicked on the Editor page by mistake. This  
made the import audio page disappear but it also rendered unusable  
the rest of the app. i.e. I could click on the Editor or Mixer page  
and it would switch to that one, but I couldn't edit any of the  
parameters. If I moved the mouse over a part I could resize, the  
cursor would change, but it wouldn't let me actually resize anything.  
Same with fields where the cursor would change to write a name in. In  
the end I had to just quit. Normal Mac behaviour would either a)  
produce a beep when I tried to click elsewhere and keep the menu up  
or b) let me click wherever but still let me return to the import  
page. I prefer the latter, personally.

4) I can't seem to turn off the Master in the Mixer page when I can  
in the Editor page. Perhaps not a bug.

5) Editor page: The + and - buttons in the Edit Groups function  
aren't formatted correctly. When that window is selected, the -  
overlaps the +.

6) Session menu: Export Selection To Audiofile... and Export Range  
Markers To  Audiofile... are in bold, unlike every other submenu, and  
which look a bit sloppy. Perhaps there's another way to indicate  
unavailable options?

Crashing: twice when trying to move imported audio in the Editor page.

Finally, is there a "up one level"  option in the file system, or an  
option to copy-drag? If there are, I'm missing them.

Otherwise, let me just say I'm loving the new version, even in beta.  
It's starting to look more and more like a replacement for Cubase  
every day.

thanks to all,
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