[ardour-users] Latency problem? Dropouts in WAV export

Peter Maffay petermaffay77 at yahoo.de
Wed May 31 16:12:33 PDT 2006

> there are no xruns when doing exports. JACK
decouples itself from the
> backend and simply runs as fast as all the normal
clients will allow.

I read about that. But I can't help it - the number of
dropouts ("clicks") increases with lower latency...

> if there are dropouts in your exported file, it is
almost certainly the
> case that they are in the source material. did you
record this with ardour?
> --p

Yes, I did that recording with ardour (my first life
recording with ardour... ;-). And - luckily - I do not
get any dropouts while normal playback with ardour.
And if I export the Track with 8192 frames buffer
settings, I cannot hear any dropouts too. However - it
does not seem to me a good solution to generally
increase buffer size for exporting, unless I know that
it _really_ fixes the problem and I don't have one or
two dropouts left over the hour...

If it might be useful, I would put an 30 seconds
export each for several buffer sizes on my webspace.
The dropouts really increase with lower latency.

Thanks for your support,


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