[ardour-users] Latency problem? Dropouts in WAV export

Peter Maffay petermaffay77 at yahoo.de
Wed May 31 14:59:01 PDT 2006

Hello all,

I recognize tiny dropouts in exported WAV files. They
get more often with lower latency. At a buffer size of
256 it is about every 12 seconds (repeatable). With a
buffer size of 128 the dropouts appear every few

However - jack does not report xruns, I had no
problems with recording and the export is one single
stereo-track with no plugins, only one fade in, one
crossfade (after 30 minutes) and fade out. The
dropouts do not appear when playing normally.

As I read here on the list, exports should have
nothing to do with latency problems. Does anybody know
what I could have done wrong or where to start

I am quite new to Linux and audio, using a fresh
installation of demudi 1.3.0-testing, ardour 0.99-2
and jackd 0.101.1 on a P4M-1300 with a RME Multiface.

Thanks in advance for any hints,


BTW: Ardour is GREAT work. Thanks to all supporters -
I think that I will get finally rid of Windows, which
I kept before only for audio...


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