[ardour-users] Manipulating Automation Tables

Neil Nelson xxx at mphmedia.net
Wed May 17 11:01:37 PDT 2006

I have a bus with gain automation on the bus slider and gain automation
on the 'simple amp' plugin for that bus. My goal is to combine the
tables for those two automations that are in the 'automation' directory
and reduce or increase the resulting values by some constant db value.

I can see a way to combine the tables but do not immediately see what
value needs to be applied to each row of the result to adjust the volume
by a given db value. The table values appear to be logrithms. Most
simply I am looking for the formula to convert a DB value to its
automation table value. I have an estimate but the exact formula is
coded and known.

DB     Table
1       0
1.9     1.25306
3.3     1.46225
3.7     1.53701
3.6     1.51181


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