[ardour-users] How do punch ranges work?

Iwan Heskamp iheskamp at xs4all.nl
Tue May 16 14:03:44 PDT 2006

Hi All,

in preparation for a bigger project I was experimenting with some  
among those punch recording. I was under the impression that I would  
be able
to select a punch range, select a track to record and then play the  
then that track would only be recorded for that range. However, I'm  
not able to get
that scenario to work. I tried all possible combinations without the  
desired effect.
The track would just record all or nothing instead of just the range.
I checked the online manual but it seems that it's not updated  
completely yet?

* Is this possible?
* If so, how?

My setup: iBook G4, MacOS X 10.4.6, Ardour 0.99.3, latest Jack and  

Thanks in advance,

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