[ardour-users] Record problem: "Go to start of session" button

Jürgen Schöneberg jschoeni at gmx.net
Wed May 3 14:10:15 PDT 2006


I have a session with some tracks and
when I try to record into a new track, 

1. use the "Go to start of session" button,
2. set "record on" on the track and 
3. "record" on the top ("blinking") and 
4. start recording with "play"

nothing is recorded into the track (just an empty bar appears and disappears)

if I do instead:

1. use the "Go to start of session" button,

1.2 then use "play" for a second, stop then and 

continue with 2.-4. 

everything is working fine (the track is recording)

Any ideas?

using 0.99.3 , jackd 0.100.7, DEMUDI


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