[ardour-users] Insufficient Jack Ports

BernieMan bernieman at singlecity.de
Fri Mar 31 08:13:56 PST 2006

Jesse Chappell wrote:
> On 3/31/06, BernieMan <bernieman at singlecity.de> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I am new to ardour and everything is running fine (what a great piece of
>> Software).
>> I have one problem:
>> I recorded a couple of tracks without any problems.
>> But when I try to add Track Number 9+ ardour says:
>> There are insufficient Jack Ports available.
>> You should restart Jack with more Ports.
>> Question: How do I restart Jack with more Ports ?
> What OS and version of Jack and Ardour are you running?
> If you are on OSX and using JackPilot, it isn't that easy to do (which
> is a problem Stephane, if you 're listening).  However you can
> download and use QJackCtl which exposes more controls for starting
> jack.  Get it from  http://ardour.org/requirements_osx   and read the
> README included in the DMG.  Basically, you'll need to press Setup..
> then select 'coreaudio' as the driver, type in /usr/local/bin/jackd
> in the jack command field, and then select your audio interface by
> clicking on the '>' button to the right of the Interface choicebox.
> Then down near the bottom you'll see a Port Maximum field which you
> should increase up to 256 at least.  Then hit OK, and Start.
> If you are on linux the last part of the instructions still apply when
> using qjackctl.
> jlc
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Thx Jesse - that solved my problem ...

Regards BM

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