[ardour-users] new ardour web site

Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
Tue Mar 28 08:29:35 PST 2006

I really like the layout of the new site (even posted a couple things in the forums), but 
im noticing a little nuance.  After i posted a reply in a forum, it appears that im not 
logged in anymore.  On the flip side, it does still show my in the 'Online users' area.  
I never clicked 'logout' so im not exacly sure what happened.   By the way, im 
using Firefox
To make this even stranger, if i open another Firefox session and go to ardour.org 
then it looks like i am logged in (i get the 'my account', 'recent posts', and 'log out' 
options in the upper left).
Has anyone else had this issue?


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over at http://ardour.org/ we've done a little spring cleaning, and are
pleased to reveal the new drupal-based website. take a look.

for anyone who has expressed an interest in editing the manual over the
last 10-12 months, my apologies for the pathetic response you've had
from me (i.e. nothing). this new CMS-based site will make it much easier
for me to grant you editing access. watch for more news.


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