[ardour-users] control surfaces

Christopher Boggs c.boggs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 11:50:27 PST 2006

OK, still trying to get together specs for my live digital recording
setup... I've got most of the hardware I need figured out, but I'm still
stuck on choosing a control surface.  I'm going to be recording live shows
so I'd like to have some type of physical control surface other than a
mouse/trackball and keyboard.
I did glance through the archives, but didn't find anything so I hope I'm
not repeating this question, but here goes.
If you are using an external control surface, what do you use?  An analog
mixer with sends to the converters?  Or a midi control surface controlling
Ardour directly?  Is the midi scenario even possible or has it been done by
anyone on the list?
I've read up a bit on the midi controllers, and that would be pretty cool to
get it one working with Ardour, but the analog board opens up more hardware
monitoring possiblities and also could act as an emergency backup incase of
a problem with the digital setup...
Please advise! TIA.
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