[ardour-users] Freeze Function

Maluvia terakuma at imbris.net
Fri Mar 17 11:11:35 PST 2006

>I just had a though for a work-around.  Its going to be slow AND annoying,
>at the same time it could save some cycles.  You could try routing the
>output from the track with the plugin as the input to a new track
>(basically, "bounce" the track).  After you do that, then you can
>'disable' the track with the plugin.  If you just 'mute' the original
>track, then the plugin will still use CPU so you will want to 'disable' it
>instead.  Unfortunately, im not at my machine and i dont remember exactly
>how to do that.  This should save some cycles for you.  Sorry that i dont
>have a simpler work-around.

Sorry to ask a stupid question, but what exactly does the 'freeze function'
do that's different from just disabling a track?
(We've just been disabling tracks we're not using at the time to save cpu
cycles and avoid other stability problems.)

- Maluvia

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