[ardour-users] Freeze Function

Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
Fri Mar 17 07:16:08 PST 2006

I have had the same issue.  Im running FC3 with Ardour 0.99 on it.  This was several months ago and i dont remember which
plugin, but i do know it wasnt GVerb because i dont think ive ever used that one.  Anyway, when i did the freeze it made the
track really loud with a lot of clipping.  I ended up unfreezing the track because i had the CPU cycles to spare, but i am curious
as to what caused it (in case i need to do it in the future).


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Subject: [ardour-users] Freeze Function

I'm using the freeze function for a track as it's a very small track and nothing should change in it (I believe the freeze function is used to reduce CPU use for tracks that one doesn't want to change). There is just a GVerb effect added. Before freeze the track plays perfectly but when I freeze it there is lots of distortion that sound like clipping. When I unfreeze it again, it goes back to normal. If I remove the GVerb and freeze, then the track is undistorted. I've tried this in Alpha2 and 0.99-2 and it happens in both. Should the freeze function leave the output exactly as unfrozen? If anyway can help me, I'd be grateful. 
Also, another issue, on Alpha2, on freezing, the progress bar indicator doesn't increase on my system. 

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