[ardour-users] ardour2.0-alpha2 is released

blindman jones erleichda at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 09:54:32 PST 2006

may I say... WOW!

It compiled, installed and worked very well for an Alpha release. It
looks nice and I like what I saw so far.

I opened an old session of a live Deerhoof show that has been vexing
me and i was able to get a final mix without any crashes or xruns. It
connected right up with the JAMin ins/outs too... I didn't have to
manually reset them this time.

On export, I still get a xrun when the export completes... it never
effects the exports, and this might be JACK or my computer specific...
it doesn't effect usage, so I ignore it. Also, I still get 00:00:27 in
the TOC on some of the tracks even though they are set right in the
range settings... but I edit them back to 00:00:00 and the cd burns

It kept going into play mode too... I open the export diolouge... it
starts playing... i stop it... hit export, it exports and then when
the export completed it started playing the session back from the
beginning... ghosts in the machine I guess!

The other minor minor personal issue I have is that I can not read
some of the buttons at all... grey background with grey type etc... I
tried changing my themes in Gnome, but that didn't help so I turned to
the ardour2.ui.rc file and that worked better... but I will have to
play around with it more to get something I am comfortable with. I
will post more when I have time to play around with it. I have to
first go through the file more to figure out what is what.

I know this wasn't real specific debugging info, but I wanted to share
a general success experience of the compile on a FC4/PlanetCCRMA
machine :)

Thanx again for all your efforts.


On 3/15/06, Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:
> I have released a second alpha tarball of Ardour 2.0. A huge amount of
> work has been done since the last alpha tarball, and although there is
> definitely still some important work to be done, this is nearing beta
> status. I cannot promise that all of the reports from alpha1 have been
> addressed, but they will be before we release a beta.
>         http://ardour.org/ardour-2.0alpha2.tar.bz2
> Meanwhile, in the announcements category, I am pleased to report my
> return to full-time work on Ardour. A significant audio technology
> company has offered to pay me to work on Ardour, although at this time I
> cannot disclose their identity. Hopefully by the time LAC2006 comes
> around, they will be ready to do this.
> --p
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