[ardour-users] multichannel pan automation

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Wed Mar 15 04:14:45 PST 2006

Hi all

I have a question - I'm trying to do some surround/8 channel stuff with
Ardour over here at CCRMA

I just ASSUMED that i could turn on pan automation write and record some
easy circular motion between, say four outputs (ie: make a track have
four outputs) but I noticed lo and behold, pan automation doesn't let
you record it like that. (it just doesn't go into write mode)

in fact, it only lets you record when there's only one panner.  (ie: the
channel is mono and has two outputs).

I'd never tried, say, a stereo track.  that doesn't record pan
automation right either.

my question is, is this known?  is this the way it SHOULD be?  is this a
feature request?  i was parusing mantis to see if there were bug reports
about this stuff but i only found a few and what the guys were saying
made no sense to me...

basically what I want is to be able to drag that little ball around in a
circle in the little panner and record that motion :)  (without doing it
live and having to record four - actually 8 - new tracks for every one
track that I wish would run around the room!)

as another note on this - when I create 8 outputs - I notice these dots
that were in the corners for four outputs are now in a diagonal row.
that seems bad.  is that bad?

oh btw I think we're on .99 - i think we're like one build behind...

thanks y'all

-- Aaron

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