[ardour-users] ardour2.0-alpha2 is released

jazzride jazzride at laposte.net
Wed Mar 15 04:12:25 PST 2006

Paul Davis wrote:

> Meanwhile, in the announcements category, I am pleased to report my
> return to full-time work on Ardour. A significant audio technology
> company has offered to pay me to work on Ardour, although at this time I
> cannot disclose their identity. Hopefully by the time LAC2006 comes
> around, they will be ready to do this.
> --p

Linux and Free Software needs funds, public or private. IMO Ardour 
becomes one of the most important DAW with ProTools and Samplitude.  (My 
favorite DAWS are Ardour and Samplitude)

The perfect solution could be : 2 versions at the same time. (For ex : 
Mandriva proposes a free Mandriva /download edition + packs at 
reasonable prices)

1° Ardour in free version
2° Ardour + options in a pack we could buy (if we need special options etc)

Thanks for your work, just discovered Ardour 2 (in APODIO 4.2.23 ) looks 
great ! In France we say :) "Grosse claque" .

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