[ardour-users] VST support on OSX

jazzride jazzride at laposte.net
Mon Mar 13 05:49:54 PST 2006

spacepluk wrote:
Heheheh, It looks like that guy in the shop needed your money :P

never said i wanted/could pay 6000€ in 10 min ! Went to the shop for 
other products (Delta 1010 for Ardour etc!)

[imo worst shops we have in France are music shops... prices very very 
high, knowledge very very low :) never found ONE seller tried/had Ardour 
or even Samplitude or Nuendo... most of them never saw PT HD/TDM but 
only on magazines :) ]

As far as I know JackOSX uses CoreAudio so theorically any coreaudio card
would work with it. I'll try with my PODxt when I have time.

ok understood :) So i could have Mac Mini + MOTU or something else (RME 
etc... ) + jack/ardour on OS X... :)


amigos :)

thank you.
[and sorry for my english :)]

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