[ardour-users] VST support on OSX

jazzride jazzride at laposte.net
Mon Mar 13 01:55:28 PST 2006

spacepluk wrote:
> Hi jazz, I'm sure that the mac mini will handle that number of tracks very
> well. Even my PowerBook G4 667 does ;) The plugins are who eat most of the
> cpu power.

Changes of expensive softwares + unbearable requirements (3GHZ 2 GO RAM 
MAc os X G5 , or XP 3GHZ... everybody knows the problem)... must be a 
million dollar man to obtain a system for a 4 tracks recording system 
(LOL). I went to a French music shop
3 weeks ago and the seller explained i needed

- Mac G5
- 8/8 Firewire soundcard
- Control surface
= To start= 5000/6000€ !!!!that's crazy.... (i'm a non pro user !)
so gonna have
1° PC 2,8 GHZ under Linux + Ardour [done]
2° Mac Mini under OSX of course + Ardour :) [project]

Just a question - probably stupid but never had a Mac - about soundcards 
usable under mac os X + Ardour = could I take a soundcard Mac Os X 
Compatible or only one of the soundcards listed in Alsa web site ? (For 
example, for Linux systems, most of users buy a RME or a TErratec or a M 
Audio): Does Ardour UNDER Mac Os X, usable with all soundcards  (even 
with Firewire soundcards ?) ? Does Jack working well under Mac os X and 
firewire soundcards ?
Many thanks to the authors and developpers of Ardour.

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