[ardour-users] saved plugin settings

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Sat Mar 11 15:06:54 PST 2006

On 11 March 2006 at 11:42, Paul Symons <ardour at iove.org> wrote:

> On Saturday 11 March 2006 08:22, Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> > Somehow I've managed to get multiple copies of plugin settings
> > saved under the same name.  For instance, I've got two copies of
> > SC1 settings saved as "snare-pre-sc1".  My use of plugins until
> > now seemed to let me overwrite a setting by saving to the same
> > name.  But, now I'm getting confused about which saved setting is
> > which.
> >
> > How can I unravel this?  It'd be good enough to be able to just
> > delete one.
> i think ardour stores its plugin settings in
> ~/.ladspa/rdf/ardour-presets.n3
> if that helps.

That file is confusing.  It's hard to tell which lines go with other 
lines, although I did find all the preset titles that Ardour is using 
inside that file.

One really odd thing is that when selecting amongst the saved 
settings, I get a list sort of like setting1, setting3, setting2, 
setting3, setting1.  As I let my mouse scroll downward, from the 
first setting1 to the last setting1, as I move my mouse over each 
setting, only the first setting of a particular name will ever 
highlight when using the plugin in ardour.  Specificly, if my mouse 
is over the last setting1, then ardour (?) highlights the first 
setting1.  It also highlights the first setting1 when the mouse is 
over that selection.

Very curious....

I'm tempted to write down the settings of each of my plugins, then 
trash the ardour-presets.n3 file and start again.


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