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Christopher Boggs c.boggs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 13:38:51 PST 2006

Well - like I said in my email, I haven't actually gotten a Delta 1010 yet,
so I can't say for sure I wont have any problems, but I've heard of people
using a Delta 1010 with a Pentium 2 and it does fine so I assume it should
be no problem.


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On 3/8/06, Christopher Boggs <c.boggs at gmail.com> wrote: 

Like you, and quite a few others on the list, I also plan on getting a Delta
1010 (eventually two, when I can afford it), and I am not worried at all
about what my PC will handle, mostly because it's an Athlon 64 3200+ with 
DDR400 and SATA, and I don't plan on recording more than 16 tracks at a
time...  Really, while just recording, your CPU usage shouldn't be very high
unless your using software monitoring and applying effects in realtime... 
I've noticed most of the time the only bottleneck most people deal with is
the hard drive..


Cool, this is almost the exact configuration I'm putting together this
weekend, I was assuming it should be sufficient for my needs, glad to see
some actual evidence though. 


Thomas G. Willis
America, still more rights than North Korea

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