[ardour-users] problem improting .wav into Cubase

jazzride jazzride at laposte.net
Sun Mar 5 14:05:19 PST 2006

jazzride wrote:
> ---------------
> Hi
> i've just finished to try with the session given with Linux+DVD
> - from Ardour
> - to Samplitude 6  (only for vst = some functions of Samplitude)
> and it works perfectly :)
> Pascal

Easy :)

1° export track by track from Ardour
2° open a session under SAmplitude (same number of tracks)
3° track by track, import audio: i have all my tracks with "names" of 
each track (kick snare etc)
Under cubase this could be probably done: "import audio" that's all.
Of course i can't directly open Ardour session/files under Samplitude.
I hope this could help : )

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