[ardour-users] Automation File naming convention OSX

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Jun 23 04:57:03 PDT 2006

Juan Aboites wrote:
> Hello list,
> in backing up ardour sessions to an external drive, the drive complained
> about the / character in this automation file:
> TestNoise-pan-Sine Oscillator _Freq/audio_ Amp/audio_.automation
> I replaced the / to _ in both instances so the file would copy:
> TestNoise-pan-Sine Oscillator _Freq_audio_ Amp_audio_.automation
> Will this have a significant effect on the automation settings (probably) ?

If you rename a file *and* change all references to the file in your
XXX.ardour session (it's XML text file) - it will work.

...I never encountered an automation-file with an escaped '/' in the
filename, though!

Why not use "tar" for backing up data?
(It will also preserve timestamps, permissions, etc... which are
probably not supported by your external-disk's file system either.)


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