[ardour-users] Plugin automation

Neil Nelson xxx at mphmedia.net
Fri Jun 16 19:21:33 PDT 2006

>>But you can automate the level fader on a bus, which can be used
>>to give you control of the amount of "wet" signal.
>Problem is: you might want to have a Reverb bus used by many tracks. In 
>this case you would want to automate the SEND level. This is 
>unfortunately not possible yet in Ardour.
This may not be the direction being discussed, but for example, I have
used the Tap Reverberator plugin with the Ambience Reverb Type and
automated the Wet Level in that plugin. You can set the 'off' button to
the right of the Wet Level to either 'write' or 'touch' and your Wet
Level slider adjustments will be automated.

I will sometimes put an amp plugin before or after another plugin and
the amp's slider action can be automated. An amp plugin can be used just
like a bus fader.


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