[ardour-users] How I finally managed to do sidechain ducking, only to find out it was not for me.

Alex Polite notmyprivateemail at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 11:13:59 PDT 2006

Reading Neils posts really slow and a doing a lot of googling finally
allowed me to do sidechain ducking.  The attached screenshots say it
all. When I finally had it all working I realised that sidechain
ducking wasn't for me after all. I guess it's great when you want to
hear an announcer over the background music. But in my case I had two
persons speaking. Rather than muting A when B was speaking and the
other way around, I found that adding an expander to a A and B
respectively was both simpler and gave me a better result.

It's not perfect though. The next step is to read up on  Faust, Tap
and other stuff that simplifies the process of writing custom plugins
or customizing existing ones.


Alex Polite
http://flosspick.org - finding the right open source
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