[ardour-users] 0.99 vs ardour2

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Tue Jun 13 06:35:16 PDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-06-13 at 14:04 +0200, Alex Polite wrote:
> I saw some screenshots of ardour2. Looks wonderful. Are you people
> using it for day to day work or is it still too shaky for that? In
> terms of stability, is it better, worse or equal to the  0.99.2 I'm
> using today?

Ardour 2 is still a work in progress. Depends on your work processes, a
2.0 snapshot might very well work for you just fine. On the other hand,
0.99.3 (which contains numerous fixes to 0.99.2) is very stable and
should do everything right. Try it out!

Sampo Savolainen <v2 at iki.fi>

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