[ardour-users] Latency problem? Dropouts in WAV export

Peter Maffay petermaffay77 at yahoo.de
Fri Jun 2 15:40:15 PDT 2006

--- Wolfgang Woehl <tito at rumford.de> schrieb:
> > I read about that. But I can't help it - the
> number of
> > dropouts ("clicks") increases with lower
> latency...
> Just a shot in the dark: If you import the
> export.wav to actually see it you 
> will not find dropouts. I guess the dropouts you
> hear are playback xruns 
> (dropouts) on playing export.wav on a system that is
> not able to handle low 
> latencies. Am I wrong?


I am really embarrassed for bothering you all -
ofcourse the problem was this weird xmms, which
obviously needs much more time for just playing a
single 16-bit file then for ardour to mix it down

Sorry - I go practicing and come back if I might have
a real problem with ardour, not with my skills...

Thank you again very much for your support,

Andreas from Germany

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