[ardour-users] Newbie help with dynamics in Ardour...

kannoll maillistnoll at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 26 15:13:17 PDT 2006


1. TAP Scaling Limiter (I've also tried the "Hard limiter") at 
Post-fade. I've also tried this with the SC1 compressor inline
prior to the limiter.

2. Yes, I double-checked to be sure everything was unbypassed
and it "appeared" to be working (to my ear, and by watching
the meters).

Last night I just quit trying to record anything and started
playing with the settings on the limiter and compressor. For
the most part, that seems to do what I expect (of course my 
expectations are changing as I learn more).

I've seen some other unexpected behavior, too, so I'm wondering
if it's just my lack of experience, or normal ardour behavior.

For example, quite often I'll have a track (1) patched to another
track or buss or the master outs with nothing else (no plugins,
no other tracks, etc), and the input to track 2 will consistently
be 3 db below the output of track 1 (track 1 output patched to track
2 input), based on the meters.

I suppose while I'm at it... I've noticed that if I tinker with
the plugin controls too much during playback, the GUI will hang
(playback will continue). In order to save my session, I stop
JACK which shocks the ardour GUI back to life, then I have to
save and close and restart ardour to get things working again.


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On 7/26/06, kannoll <maillistnoll at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Okay, so I checked to make sure "run plugins while recording" was on, 
> and it was. I played around with some other things, but got more 
> confused.

OK, lets get some more basic information:  did you insert the Limiter plugin
in the pre or post-fader box of Track 1?  Which plugin is it specifically?

Did you un-bypass the plugin and do you hear it working under normal
playback conditions?  Looks like you do after re-reading your original

Your routing sounds correct, you should be getting the effected output when
recording like that.  Make sure that the only connected inputs on
track2 are track1's outs.  Try some sanity checks like putting the gain
fader way down on track1 and do the record.


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