[ardour-users] using mtc/smpte to sync ardour with smpte enabled pro video cameras

Guillaume Pellerin yomguy at altern.org
Sun Jul 23 15:19:51 PDT 2006

Geoff Beasley wrote:
>> Or I could Get an external timecode generator and make
>> ardour and the cameras a slave.
> The cameras won't slave
>> Question is, how/does ardour receive smpte
>  only through MTC not SMPTE at all. You will need a midi card that can read 
> audio SMPTE or a generator that can send MTC (very rare I think)
> ....a smpte/midi interface that can read audio code is the way to go. havn't 
> looked for a long time myself so can't suggest any.

Take a look at the old Midiman Bi-Port (very good) or SyncMan Plus, and M-audio MidiSport...


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