[ardour-users] problem with ladspa plugins

antonio castellano stanzarossa at email.it
Thu Jul 20 03:03:43 PDT 2006

hit all,

i was running ardour 0.99.3, sync with jack and hydrogen,  after
copying  a session in another dir, (because i  need one to use for the
live sessions,  and one  to work on) both the new session and the source
doesn't have any ladspa plugin, and of course any automation, i solved
it some time ago adding again the ladspa plugins, but this time i have
saved the session fr a mistake and now i'm unable to recover the old
session, even if i still have a backup session.ardour.

even some crashes with ardour 0.99.3 and some crossfades (manually
edited) or medium automation (where fast is around 0,5sec and less, and
slow is more then 1-2 second... and only on certain plugins like the
reverse delay)

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