[ardour-users] does anyone know of issues with SMP and rt patches?

Chris Simpson chris.m.simpson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 06:26:18 PDT 2006

i've spent the day trying to get a RT kernel working on an SMP laptop
(intel core duo), with absolutely no luck. i've tried a number of
different kernels ( to, with a number of different
version rt patches (patch-2.6.16-rt11 to patch-2.6.17-rt7), with no luck
at all. compile appears to work fine. grub will load the kernel, the
kernel just hangs with no output at all, even with all kernel debugging
flags on.

i know this is off topic a little for this mailing list, but without
realtime, jack is fairly useless. i am running a PREEMPT kernel, which
theoretically i could use with PAM?, but i can't find out what pam
actually does or how one actually uses it, from ardour.org, kernel.org,
google or anywhere else.

so i'm wondering if anyone could please help me..

what IS pam, and how does one configure it with jack?
are there known issues with SMP and rt kernel patches? is there a way to
get them coexisting?

any help is greatly appreciated.
chris s.

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