[ardour-users] OS X 0.99.1test1 release

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Thu Jan 26 08:02:57 PST 2006

On 1/21/06, Jesse Chappell <jesse at essej.net> wrote:

> > >For those OS X ardour users who have been waiting for a version of
> > >ardour that lets you use sessions from Linux/intel platforms here is
> > >the 0.99.1test1 release for you to try out.  Several other important
> > >bugs have been fixed since 0.99 and this will be close to the final
> > >0.99.1 release.
> > >
> > >http://ardour.org/releases/Ardour-0.99.1test1.dmg
> > >
> > >Please let me know if you have any startup issues, etc.  Always look
> > >in your console.log using the Utilities->Console app when reporting
> > >problems.
> > >
> > >jlc

I forgot to mention this important fact, all your existing session's
audio files will have their headers corrected automatically by the new
version to be cross-endian safe.  This has the side affect that the
session will become unusable with the old 0.99 release.  But trust me,
this new release is better anyway :)
The same goes for trying out the Ardour2 version.

Sorry about this, but what we had before was an unmaintainable illegal
audio file format issue on OSX.


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