[ardour-users] [osx] fatal error: MIDI POOL OUT OF MEMORY recompile with larger size

Ben Powers bennyp at rogers.com
Mon Jan 23 13:08:58 PST 2006

I can't remember the exact midi things I was doing, mostly because I  
didn't really pull it off. I was attempting to use midi to sync soft  
synthesizers to virtual keyboard through ardour, with hydrogen  
controlling jack.
I've gotten the same error from 0.99test1 and 2.0 (which is awesome,  
by the way... I think I'm going to play around with the UI now that  
we're using GTK2 - flat buttons would really do it for me...)

     Blessed Be,

On 22-Jan-06, at 10:23 PM, Jesse Chappell wrote:


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