[ardour-users] a few issues in OSX

Matthew Polashek matt at tinysongs.com
Sat Jan 21 11:47:30 PST 2006

I've been editing some live trax in Ardour on OSX today.  Here are a few 
issues I've noticed.

1 - The keyboard commands don't work consistently.
2 - When clicking on the Editor/Mixer button in the editor window, the 
track that is displayed is determined at random somehow.
3 - Templates are not recognized until after one quits and re-launches 
ardour and X11
4 - Plug-in saved settings are not recognized until you close a session 
and re-open it...sometimes.
5 - SC4 doesn't really work.
6 - When you run out of drive space, like when saving a session, Ardour 
can't figure out when you've made room.
7 - The recording time available is not determined correctly.
8 - Groups can only be assigned in the Editor window and they do not 
show up in the mixer window.

Here are some features that would be nice:
1 - Mute groups.
2 - Save-able Plug in Groupings.
3 - A way to select a region more accurately for export.
4 - A way to determine the length of a "session."

It's working great, by the way, I'll have the .wavs posted here.  It's a 
live recording of a little outdoor festival I did with my cover band in 
North Jersey last fall.  We have a new chick singer now.



*Matthew Polashek*
Home e-mail: matt at tinysongs.com
URL: www.tinysongs.com

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