[ardour-users] best file system for audio

Ruben Lopez rl1205 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 19 20:29:08 PST 2006

Ross Vandegrift wrote:

> Unless you're doing work at 192kHz, the data stream going to disk
> isn't so intense that your filesystem will be a major issue,
That's good to know. Not being too familiar with Linux file systems, I 
just needed to suss out what advantages/disadvantages the different file 
systems have - or if there is any practical differences for audio work - 
and I appreciate the feedback from so many on the list. It's nice to see 
that this list doesn't seem to be one of those elite Linux groups that 
have a tendency to ignore/look down on n00bs. <g>

> Sometimes, I think people just like micro-optimizing ::-).

I'm way too new at this to be micro-optimizing - I'm just trying to 
start out on the right foot! <g>


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