[ardour-users] Help sorting out XRuns

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 14:00:25 PST 2006

Ok I need some help sorting out XRuns on my computer.  I have spent the 
past week or so tracing and fixing various problems and now have it 
almost running decent.  However I am still getting to many XRuns to be 
useable, on average one every 45-60 seconds while recording.  My DSP 
level is stying at or under 10 percent while doing this.

Basic Info:

AMD Opteron 1.6 Ghz
Tyan K8WE
Roland VM-3100 Pro(Ice1712 Chipset)
1 Gig of Ram
7200 Rpm HD
Gentoo Linux

There isnt much of a change between recording one track or 8 as I have 
just tested a few minutes ago.  I have the realtime patch
 and kernel 2.6.14r5 with the preempt option set to Low Latency 
Workstation in the config, tmp filesystems are enabled and /tmp/jack is 
in fstab.  I have been running QJackCtl with the priority set to either 
0 or 2 depending on wether or not I remember to change it to 2 as I 
heard 0 is not a good setting for it.  For test purposes I have been 
running a signal into my board and sending it from there into the 8 
digital inputs i should be able to record, or less depending on what I 
want to test.  Currently my buffer settings are 64frames/2periods giving 
me a total latency of 2.9 msec at 44.1kHz which HAS been doable on this 
computer before.

So.. anything I missed?


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