[ardour-users] Recommended distros

hanaghan at starband.net hanaghan at starband.net
Wed Jan 11 08:51:22 PST 2006

> Greetings everyone... my first post to this group...
> I have been following the development of Ardour for over a year, and
> I've decided to jump in and convert my mobile rig (AMD 2000XP, 2 Delta
> 1010s, currently running WinXP/Sonar 4) to Linux/Ardour. I know that the
>  Ardour website recommends Fedora, but I would like to hear from other
> Ardour users - what is your favorite distro to host Ardour? And I
> suppose just as importantly, what is your least favorite distro, or the
> one you had the most problem with?
> Ruben

PClinuxOS with Thac's RPM's

One iso dwonload as "LiveCD" boots from CD and gives the "try b4 you fly"
ability to assess the distro. Rock solid core distro. MM RT kernels
available from Thac's repos. origianlly based on MDK 9.2. RPM support via
Apt and synaptic AND smart. Soon to have LiveMM CD that I'm currently
working on in tandem with Thac.

http://www.mde.djura.org/indexpclo2005.html   (thac's repo)

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