[ardour-users] delta 44

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sat Jan 7 07:02:23 PST 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-08 at 01:33 +1100, nicholas manojlovic wrote:
> hi all,
> just bought a delta 44 but need some help with envy24control.
> getting sound out of the card hasnt been a problem but need to address a 
> few issues:
> whats the deal with the 'analog volume' tab in envy? what is dac, adc, ipga?

    I don't have one of these (DSP 2000 C-Port).

> the only way I was able to monitor the input (ie, playing the 
> instrument) whilst recording was to connect capture 1 to playback 1 via 
> qjackctl- however I feel as if this wasnt the correct route. how can I 
> monitor the input and control its volume (ie, turn down my instrument to 
> better match the levels of the recorded material?) sliding the volume on 
> input in ardour has no effect.

    Assuming you're using H/W Out 1 and 2 for your outputs - in
Patchbay/Router select Digital Mix L and Digital Mix R for H/W Out 1 (L)
and H/W Out 2 (R).  In Monitor Mixer tab unmute PCM Out 1 and PCM Out 2,
slide left gain control for PCM Out 1 all the way up and right gain
control all the way down.  Do the opposite for PCM Out 2.  Mute the
other PCM Outs unless you specifically want to route them somewhere (for
mastering I will sometimes use Out 7 and 8 to my BBE and then back in
through a pair of the inputs).  Unmute all of the H/W Ins.

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