[ardour-users] Control surface... what is planned ?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Jan 2 16:01:14 PST 2006

On 1/2/06, MAtt <matt_0pr at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> I'm working on ardour with 4 layers of 16 faders, with Mute/Solo/Pan
> control on each track :
> - Track 1-16
> - Track 17-32
> - Track 33-48
> - Masters (groups, FX returns, etc...)

Impressive, I assume you've made a template session with all these
bindings in place.

> In cubase you can have 'Banks' wich are midi-recallable to define these
> layerss.

Yes, this is one aspect that we will incorporate in the control
surface implementation.

> What would be very good in ardour, from the most important to the less
> (and that i'm using in cubase) is :
> -  A "selected channel" on which you can control the sends (aka auxs) :
> Level, On/Off, the Pan (why not surround with a joystick - i'm doing
> that in cubase), polarity,  and a generic set of plugin, present on each
> track : a trim,EQ, comp.

How do you configure this in Cubase right now?  How do you know which
controls do what? Especially for plugins?

> - It would be very nice to open/close plugs windows with a Midi CC, so
> you could view your EQ/Comp window with one button. On cubase, i can
> edit EQ and comp so, and when i push the push function of -said- the
> third encoder of my BCR, it open the machine "plugged" at the output of
> the 3rd Aux. Very nice to edit a reverb.

OK, bindings for GUI window stuff, noted.

> - having a midi return of the meters to view them on the control surface.

Would be cool.

> - a play/write automation midi link of the whole selected track
> (volume,pan, solo, mute, plugs.. etc...)


> - a midi return control of the record's state button

Ha!  This is actually a bug that is fixed in CVS already.

Thanks for the feedback,


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