[ardour-users] 16-24 track simultaneous recording - HW recommendations?

Michael T D Nelson m_nels at gmx.net
Mon Jan 2 12:04:52 PST 2006

Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> That said, I need to be able to support recording a minimum of 16 tracks 
> simultaneously (24 preferred, or have the ability to expand to 24 later) 
> at 48 or 96 kHz.  The primary use for this would be to record live shows.
> It looks like hardware either from RME would provide good base for this.
> M-Audio also makes some nice hardware, but since the inputs and outputs 
> are often combined into the same breakout box/cable, I'd end up paying for 
> a lot of functionality that I wouldn't need in the foreseeable future, 
> i.e. the outputs. 

It depends how much money you can spend. The route I am taking (slowly) 
is as follows:

1. Buy a cheap second-hand RME DIGI9636/52 off eBay. I got my 9636 for 
about £75 (Sterling). I did have to buy a replacement EPROM for it 
though (cost £18). Maybe I'll try to track down a cheap expansion card 
some day.

I'm actually looking for another DIGI9636. If I can ever find one for 
the same price as the last one, then I'll stick it into another machine, 
and keep it as a spare.

2. Buy some Behringer ADA8000. I got my first one for £140 quite 
recently from thomann.de.

Each has 8 analogue inputs & 8 analogue outputs, and is connected to the 
DIGI9636/52 with optical ADAT cables.

3. Spend the rest of your money on monitors, microphones and cables!


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