[ardour-users] Survey - what sound card/interface are you using with Ardour?

Chadwick gmrwick at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 08:19:25 PST 2006

Dear Ardour-Users list,

This thread piqued my curiosity.  As an Aluminum Powerbook  5,4
(1.33GHz) user with Debian unstable, there are many options. 
Available on my OSX side is ProTools and Logic (school made me buy an
mbox.)  So beyond the general question of what are you using, would
like to ask:

**What MOBILE interface are ardour users having luck with?**

This page is helpful:


and this one:


But there are no testimonies or write-ups on how it is going, and what
people had to go through (somebody point those out to me, please :->) 
Anyone out there who posts can let me know, and I'll type up an
Ardour/FreeBob page on that Wiki!!

also, what else is avaliable besides FreeBob?

Original Question:

On 12/31/05, Christopher <c.boggs at gmail.com> wrote:

> What interface(s)/sound card are you using?

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