[ardour-users] 99.2 TOC export issue

blindman jones erleichda at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 04:49:51 PST 2006

I had an issue in 99.1 where the TOC exports no longer worked...
cdrdao said they were invalid... I didn't have time to investigate and
post a report before 99.2 came out... I have done two exports and both
times one of the tracks START time comes out "START 1623:11:40". I
changed it to 00:00:00 and the cd burnt.

Just thought I would mention it... I checked my setup in Ardour and it
is fine in the settings.

and maybe someone knows this... My drive supports CD-TEXT, is there a
special way to get cdrdao to burn the CD-TEXT info from the TOC file?
I can't seem to figure that out.


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