[ardour-users] Range/Region Exports with plugins

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Fri Feb 10 12:43:36 PST 2006

Hello all,

Any comments on my misunderstandings would be appreciated.  I am trying
to outline a work-flow which has brought me to what seems like much more
work than should be necessary, any comments on the workflow or steps I
may be missing would be appreciated.

I have a stereo track with EQ plugins.  Each region in the track is one
track on a CD.  I want to export each region to a single wav file.  I
can't use 'Export to Session' cause this makes one big file, which I am
not sure Toast on OSX can understand.  I am using Ardour 0.99 on Gentoo
Linux (kernel 2.6 has screwed up the CD burning so I can't use cdrdao
as per the wiki, http://ardour.org/manual/export:cdtoc I can't boot back
into kernel 2.4 to burn the CD because the data disks with audio are a
software /dev/md  stripe which 2.4 wont understand)  anyway...

back to Ardour...

When I export a region: right click on the region --> Export.  The
plugins aren't rendered ( I assume this is the desired functionality,
but a choice would be nice).

So I went and set ranges using range markers one range for each track,
making sure each new range matched each region sample for sample.  Then
I went to Session --> Export Region, because I had already tested that
Region --> Export does process the plugins, but I can't have a
mouse-dragged region automatically created from the region markers.  I
tried double clicking, right clicking.  This seems to me to be an
important functionality, there are a bunch of operations which can be
done on regions, shouldn't I be able to get a region back from my region

Now I am in the situation of specifying my tracks sample per sample for
a third time, by mouse dragging ranges to export.


1) The choice to Region --> Export with plugins would be nice.

2) The ability to have a range set from the range markers, seems to be

3) The ability to export to multiple .wav files one per Range or one per
Region would allow for more flexibility when burning a CD.

Of course I may be missing something obvious so any help would be

Thanks for all the work that has gone into making a tool so powerful
that I can make detailed workflow enquiries like this.


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