[ardour-users] Songs tosted by the zoom tool.

Michel BUONOMO michel.buonomo at ac-grenoble.fr
Thu Feb 9 09:47:59 PST 2006

Brian Dunn a écrit :

> Many hours went into one of
>these songs. is there any way to fix it?
I think i had the same mess some time ago
edit the file instant.xml in your song folder and try to change the zoom 
value in

<Editor zoom-focus="0" zoom="8192,000000" snap-to="0" snap-mode="0" 
show-waveforms="yes" show-waveforms-recording="yes" show-measures="yes" 
follow-playhead="no" xfades-visible="yes" region-list-sort-type="ByName" 
mouse-mode="MouseZoom" editor-mixer-button="no">




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